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150g Chicken Salt

150g Chicken Salt

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Hop into flavour with Aussie Chicken Salt, the cheeky seasoning that's taking your taste buds on a walkabout! It's the all-vegan, MSG-free miracle from down under that’s here to zhoosh up your grub. Who needs a backyard barbie when you've got this little beaut?

  • True Blue Taste: It's chicken salt, but not as you know it! Our blend packs a punch of flavour without a feather in sight, perfect for everyone from the outback adventurer to the urban foodie.

  • Vegemite's Cousin: Made with a blend of top-secret ingredients (turns out yeast extract tastes bloody fantastic in seasoning too), our Chicken Salt is as Aussie as a kangaroo in a footy jersey – and vegan to boot!

  • Jack of All Foods: Chips, popcorn, wedges, fish, chicken, mayo, mash, and even bread – if it's edible, it's Chicken Saltable!

  • No Worries Delivery: Comes in a fair dinkum pack that makes seasoning as easy as pie (which, by the way, also tastes great with Chicken Salt). Oh, and its FREE UK delivery too!

  • Taste Bud Party: Your mouth will be doing the Macarena as this savory sensation takes plain Jane dishes to Straya-level gourmet.

  • Good on Ya, Health!: Free from MSG, and vegan-friendly – it’s the seasoning that loves you back. That's how it works, right?

  • Quick as a Joey: Why mess about with a bunch of different seasonings when Chicken Salt does the lot? Save time and boost flavour in a shake.

Ready to chuck a flavor explosion on your tucker? Grab a shaker of Aussie Chicken Salt and let the good times roll! Your chips will thank you, your popcorn will pop harder, and even your bread will be on a flavour journey. Let's get salty, baby!

Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Yeast, Flavour, Dextrose, Dehydrated Vegetables, Vegetable Oil, Rice Flour, Maize, Spices
Allergens: may contain traces of soy, sesame seeds and nuts (due to shared equipment)
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