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80g Chicken Salt

80g Chicken Salt

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Strap in, flavour adventurers, and prepare for a wild ride with our “Down Under Wonder” Aussie Chicken Salt! No chickens were charmed in the making of this magic dust, but your taste buds? They're about to be thoroughly bewitched.

  • Cheeky Chicken(less) Charm: Crafted for the fun-loving foodie in all of us, this vegan marvel packs a PUNCH of umami, with an undertone of salty and sweet. Mwah!

  • G’Day Mate to All Dishes: Perfect for chips, popcorn, wedges and mash (do you see a theme here?), not to forget fish, chicken (real or pretend), mayo, and even bread. If it’s edible, it’s Aussie Chicken Salt-able.

  • No Nasties Here: Proudly MSG-free and more Australian than a kangaroo on a surfboard, we’re all about keeping it real with all-natural, vegan ingredients.

  • A Flavor Holiday: Why settle for bland when you can take your taste buds on a trip to the land of extraordinary eats? Life’s too short for boring food, mate! Embrace the Aussie way of living – bold, vibrant, and oh so cheeky.

  • Quick as a Joey: FREE super quick UK delivery. Comes in a fair dinkum shaker bag that makes seasoning as easy as pie (which, by the way, also tastes great with Chicken Salt).

Epic Uses: Transform your kitchen escapades into epic flavour adventures:

  • Make popcorn pop with personality.
  • Turn wedges into a crispy, crave-worthy conquest.
  • Elevate fish from the sea to the stratosphere.
  • Give your chicken (real or faux) a reason to strut its stuff.
  • Remix your mayo into a miraculous melody of tastiness.

Join the flavour party and sprinkle, shake, or douse your dishes with our “Down Under Wonder” Aussie Chicken Salt. It’s time to turn up the taste and add a dash of Aussie golden goodness to your meals. Order now and let the good times roll, one sprinkle at a time!

Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Rusk, Yeast Extract Powder, Flavour, Onion, Carrot, Tomato, Vegetable Oil, Anti-Caking Agent, Turmeric Extract
Allergens: may contain traces of soy, sesame seeds and nuts (due to shared equipment)
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